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My Opinion on the Inheritance Cycle

I'm no critic, simply a reader who doesn't quite understand why exactly they like or don't like certain works. I know one thing: if I'm reading a series for the third time, it's good enough for me.
This post isn't meant to convince anyone that the books are great or anything. After all, tastes are subjective ... Read more

Staying Motivated to Read

I've been reading since as early as kindergarten but it was in my early school years that I came across my first favourite book. I still reread it occasionally like my other favourites. It was the first time when I imagined a scene vividly rather than simply read a description, and that marks the beginning of my love for books ... Read more

First Impressions

I first heard about Neocities from a friend, don't even remember when. The more I look around here, the more I like it :) I have a similar opinion about social networks (I guess it's no coincidence many people whose sites I visited here say they don't use them much) ... Read more

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