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Hello, I'm LoftBunny! I have a ton of interests and pursuits, which include music, reading, videogames, foreign languages and occasional drawing. I've always wanted to create my own website but felt like I had nothing interesting to fill it with. Now that I have something to tell, and the skills, it seems a simple static site on Neocities is exactly what I needed.

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Latest blog post: My Opinion on the Inheritance Cycle


Just letting any visitors know that this site isn't dead ^ ^' During year 2023 I mostly updated my Sims albums, planned to write some posts but never did (I still have that in mind). My Sims blog will be moving elsewhere, whenever I finish preparing it, but it'll take a while just to reupload everything I have uploaded before. Meanwhile, I got interested in web design again lately. If this interest stays, and if it beats my laziness, I might even make some major updates to this place. Fingers crossed xD

Now it's possible to go to previous or next blog post.

Designed and changed to a Christmas theme, yay! There are a few tiny problems I might need to fix, I'll do it sometime soon.

There's actually a lot going on "behind the scenes" lately that I can't share yet but plan to, like maybe some drawings (got inspired by AI-generated art), and a page with fanfiction I've liked. I hardly ever read any fanfics before and now I feel like I've been missing out.

It's been a while since I last uploaded screenshots or updated anything else. I'm planning to resume sometime soon. Considering changing the background to something new, too, but I'm overwhelmed with the number of patterns in my collection. This is something I hate about choosing...

Much later than I expected, the post about books is finally published. Next topic unknown.

The groundwork is laid, updates of the site's structure aren't a priority anymore, so I've mostly been uploading screenshots. Began writing a new blog post - it'll be about books. Added a section with buttons. I finally have my own button, too.

Just discovered blinkies xD Let them be here just below. Guestbook should be working now, and the rest of the updates aren't visible.

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I'm in Blinkie Heaven Don't be afraid to dream peace and quiet Don't Rush me! Bookworm It Matters to Me Day Dreamer NIGHT OWL I NEED Coffee! I heart unsweetened tea I need more time!
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